Acoustic Theatre Troupe is an independent theatre company based in Canberra. We aim to create high quality musicals, plays and live performances, with an emphasis on original, or locally written pieces. We collaborate with writers, actors and musicians in order to contribute to the growing arts culture in the ACT region. In particular, we aim to give opportunities to young and emerging artists to showcase their talents. While the themes of our productions vary, we aim to produce work that is socially relevant, particularly youth issues such as mental health, disability, women’s rights and LGBTIQ rights.

Stylistically, we aims to create a fusion between conventional music theatre, such a linear story line and the three-act structure, with more experimental techniques such as Japanese Butoh and Neo-Burlesque. Acoustic Theatre aims to create an inclusive theatrical experiences where the audience are placed in close proximity to the actors to they feel like they are a part of the action, rather than simply taking on a spectator role. For this reason, the actors often interact with the audience, and at some points in performances, sit on the sidelines with them. 

Acoustic Theatre draws its influences from figures such as Bertolt Brecht, Jerzy Grotowski and Eugenio Barba. With our focus on creative practice, we aim to produce works that reveals both the fragility and strengths within human nature. We aim to question, rather than affirm, our audience’s perceptions of social issues, politics and art. An integral goal of the company is to allow individuals to empathise with the stories we tell that may be so different from their own. In addition to providing a fun night out (which we also hope to do), we wish to provoke discussion, analyse social stigmas and share meaningful stories.



Photograph by Workman Images