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More Than One

A New Musical By Lucy Matthews

Coming Soon 2019

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Do we choose our lives or did our lives choose us? Such is the question that Jess and Sam ask one another one night sitting in their middle class townhouse, sipping wine. Burdened by a crippling mortgage and stuck in jobs they hate, they can't help wondering if there is more to life than this. Either that or the second glass of wine went straight to their heads. So they decide to try it. Along comes Lola, a vibrant woman who doesn't conform to the comforts of monogamous suburbia. Who loves as she chooses. Fascinated by this woman and her lifestyle, Jess finds herself rapidly falling for her. Sam finds himself in a new and complicated relationship. Maddi, Jess's best friend thinks they are crazy. But Jess can help wonder if polyamory might unlock a new life that she never thought was possible. The only problem is, its not always as glamorous as it seems, and having more than one love can be a complicated business.